Exposed: Michael L. Vara Internet Radio Troll

By John Titor II

I was contacted in June of 2016 by Jason Quitt and Bob Mitchell.  At the time I only published articles in periodicals.   Most of what I published was about the environment and threats to the United States of America.  Both Jason and Bob wanted me to write a book with them.  I would write about John Titor’s exploits and background, Bob would edit, and Jason would do some art work.
Jason Quitt submitted the final work to Amazon and Create Space.  I was told Amazon would hold back funds and that they were slow in paying the royalties that would initially be split three ways.  It wasn’t about the money for me, I just wanted to get the information out.
Within the first month of publication Jason Quitt sold the book to AMRA Verlag & Records.  He used the signature on the contract I signed for the original  partnership on this contract without even asking me.  He told me that Bob Mitchell had sold the work to AMRA Verlag & Records and not him.   Bob Mitchell had died o…

Internet Radio Troll

By John Titor II

Michael L. Vara is an Internet Troll. He has no conscience or ethics. He seems to take great delight in attacking or bashing people. He has done this numerous times. He is a co-conspirator of Jason Quitt's, a sociopath and criminal. Jason Quitt AKA Jason Lords AKA Alex. These individuals are nothing but toxic and need to be avoided.

Jason Quitt got his friend Michael Vara of Late Night in the Midlands Radio to ask me for a radio interview.  Michael Vara called me and I accepted the interview. I was about five minutes into this interview when I realized Michael Vara was being fed questions by Jason Quitt and I hung up.  Jason Quitt had been listening in the entire time.  After I hung up on on the interview I was bashed by Michael Vara for over an hour.  They got anyone who would speak on the radio to bash me. Michael Vara uses freedom of speech for freedom to slander. Evidence of Michael's misdeeds are on file at: darkps…

First release John Titor II

This is my first time using YouTube and posting a video clip on my own.  There will be more posts weekly.

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John Titor II

My Near Death Experience

By John Titor II

There have been two attempts on my life.  The first attack left me with some bruises.  I shrugged off the bruises and didn't think anyone would dare try it again.  I was of course wrong.

The second time I was beaten with a baseball bat.  My face and ribs were crushed and I was left for dead.  Part of my upper right jaw was in my mouth.  I shoved it back into place and had Marcia drive me to the Hospital when I got home.  There were multiple lacerations above my right eye.  

I laid in the emergency room for four hours.  I was monitored by staff, I think they were waiting to see if I was going to die.  A clergyman prayed for me next to my bed.  He obviously had the ear of god.  

After stitches in the emergency room, several doctors examined me.  The doctor's didn't know why I was still alive.  Marcia lamented that I didn't look to pretty.  My heart leaked with each beat, I didn't know if I would make it.

I went home to recuperate after spending time in th…

Exposed: Jason Quitt, Criminal, Internet Troll

Internet Scammer

Recent Photograph Jason Quitt (Canadian Citizen) AKA Jason Lords, AKA Alex

By John Titor II

Complaint on file with FBI, RCMP, and Interpol.  First and foremost Jason Quitt is a sociopath.  He will befriend you, then when it suits him he will betray you when he’s got his hands on your money.  He’s also quite the ladies man, he is married.  However, Jason likes to get close to women at UFO and Paranormal conferences and take advantage of them.  He will also do the same with men and in that respect he is without a doubt an equal opportunity player.

This book for sale on Amazon is stolen intellectual property.  Unauthorized modifications to text diminish the book!

I sell "Authorized: Chronicles of John Titor II" on Ebay and Amazon.  Best price is on Ebay.  Each book is autographed with my  business card enclosed.
I was contacted in June of 2016 by Jason Quitt and Bob Mitchell.  At the time I only published articles in periodicals.   Most of what I published was about …

Exposed: Kevin Moore, Criminal, Internet Troll

Internet Troll and Criminal

Recent photograph of Kevin Moore
By John Titor II
Recently at a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico Kevin Moore literally crashed a lecture he was not invited too!  He hadn't even paid to attend the conference.  The conference was "Stargate to the Cosmos" produced by Janet Lessin.  Jo Ann Richards was an invited speaker at this conference.

Jo Ann Richards
Kevin Moore verbally attacked Jo Ann Richards.  He sneaked into her presentation, wearing a cap and fake beard, he started arguing with her, then stood up and announced that he's making a documentary about her husband's legal case, saying that her husband is a murderer and a fraud, and that what she is doing (speaking about her husbands military experiences) is a farce.  He is also attacking Kerry Cassidy a friend of Jo Ann Richards because she supports her and visits her husband regularly.
Kevin Moore was escorted out of the hotel by security, and Jo Ann Richards filed a police report an…