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Understanding Extraterrestrials

By John Titor II

The fist thing about extraterrestrials is that they are attracted to this planet because of what the environment has to offer.  While extraterrestrials may be humanoid they may of adapted to living in the oceans or even the extreme heat of an active volcanoe.

Extraterrestrials fly both UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) and USO (Unidentified Submersible Object) both have been well documented.  Astoundingly UFO's have been seen flying straight in to active volcanoes.  Extraterrestrials have been seen by telescope syphoning plasma from our Sun.  Plasma can be used to power spacecraft.

There are over eighty-six different kinds of extraterrestrials known at this time.  There are four that the US Government has agreements with.  They are the Tall Whites, Anunnaki, Greys, and the Reptilians.  Native American Indians documented contact with the Ant People thousands of years ago in what is now the Hope Indian Reservation.

The extraterrestrials use mankind (homo sapiens) as a re…

Jason Quitt at Contact in the Desert

By John Titor II

Self publishing enables a lot of good people to be able to publish their work.  Work that was held back by the old publishing houses that paid little for the work and sometimes under reported actual sales of books.  McGraw Hill publishers is a classic example of this they are now based in India.

Jason Quitt's idea was to publish books on the paranormal, extraterrestrials, and time travel.  While he is personable and good looking.  He is a hopeless sociopath and criminal.  He went around the UFO, extraterrestrial, and paranormal community asking people to write books with him.  He believed that this would create a revenue stream for him.  In these cases he would use Amazon Create Space to control revenue made by the books.  Jason has connections to the German publisher AMRA Verlag & records also.  The German publisher and owner of AMRA Verlag Records told me that all royalties from a book I wrote are controlled by Jason Quitt.

Jason Quitt had done art work and sub…

Why the Government Supresses My Books

By John Titor II

I have written two books one "Authorized: Chronicles of John Titor II" and "Continued: Chronicles of John Titor II."  Both books were reviewed by the Department of Defense and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), neither was found lacking in technical details.  What happened since the books were published is I have been attacked personally.  Personal attacks are based on innuendo, lies, and slander.  

My ex-partner Jason Quitt who tells people that all he needs to time travel is his mind.  At public speaking engagements he gets very grandiose about his capabilities.  He also tells people that his ancestors were Pharaoh's in ancient Egypt.  He has studied shamanism and does healing of people over the telephone for a fee.  I believe that Jason Quitt wanted to be "the" time traveler in the public's eyes.  I also believe that Jason Quitt has been recruited to discredit me.  He also forged my name on a contract and forged an FBI docume…

Victimized by Internet Trolls

By John Titor II

This book for sale on Amazon for $250.00 USD is stolen intellectual property.  Unauthorized modifications to text diminish the book!

I sell "Authorized: Chronicles of John Titor II" for $26.99 on Ebay and Amazon.  Each book is autographed with my  business card enclosed.

First and foremost Jason Quitt is a sociopath.  He will befriend you, then when it suits him he will betray you when he’s got his hands on your money.  He’s also quite the ladies man, he is married.  However, Jason likes to get close to women at UFO and Paranormal conferences and take advantage of them.   He will also do the same with men and in that respect he is without a doubt an equal opportunity player.

Recent photograph of Jason Quitt.
I was contacted in June of 2016 by Jason Quitt and Bob Mitchell.  At the time I only published articles in periodicals.   Most of what I published was about the environment and threats to the United States of America.  Both Jason and Bob wanted me to write a …

Report to Interpol on AMRA Verlag & Records

John Titor II

I am the copyright holder of Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II. I own all rights to this book.

I am the owner of John Titor II LLC a Nevada corporation. In July of 2016 I was approached by Bob Mitchell and Jason Quit to write a book about the exploits of John Titor II. Bob Mitchell was to edit the text, Jason Quitt was to create art work.

Unfortunately, their intent was to defraud me from the beginning. Bob Mitchell and Jason Quitt sold publishing rights to the German publisher AMRA Verlag & Records. They forged my name on a contract. All three partners were to share equally in royalties. However, Jason Quitt who was to disperse funds only paid me a small portion of royalties. Jason Quitt bragged about this to several people that he was not giving me my full share in the UFO, MUFON community. Jason Quitt deliberately lied about royalties received and how they were paid.

Bob Michell died and his son Jayson Mitchell representing his mother the widow of Bob M…

Kevin Moore, AKA (The Moore Show) criminal and associate of Jason Quitt

Internet Scammer and Criminal

Recent photograph of Kevin Moore
By John Titor II
Recently at a conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico Kevin Moore literally crashed a lecture he was not invited too!  He hadn't even paid to attend the conference.  The conference was "Stargate to the Cosmos" produced by Janet Lessin.  Jo Ann Richards was an invited speaker at this conference.

Jo Ann Richards
Kevin Moore verbally attacked Jo Ann Richards.  He sneaked into her presentation, wearing a cap and fake beard, he started arguing with her, then stood up and announced that he's making a documentary about her husband's legal case, saying that her husband is a murderer and a fraud, and that what she is doing (speaking about her husbands military experiences) is a farce.  He is also attacking Kerry Cassidy a friend of Jo Ann Richards because she supports her and visits her husband regularly.
Kevin Moore was escorted out of the hotel by security, and Jo Ann Richards filed a police report …

Why Extraterrestrials Visit Earth

By John Titor II

This is one of the first questions I asked face to face with an extraterrestrial. The answer may disturb everyone and it should. Once I say it few will be able to dispute this simple truth I call "life span." Everything in the universe has a life span nothing will last forever.

Extraterrestrials as advanced as they are have a problem which is once the resources of a planet become exhausted they as a species must do one of two things either move on or die. Those species that can fly at light speed in spacecraft move on to new planets suitable for their life forms.

On this planet, extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki, Tall Whites, Greys, and the Reptilians have made the Earth their temporary home. They know this world will stop supporting their species and ours by best estimates in the year 2100.

Extraterrestrials have found other worlds they can inhabit. At the same time, the Secret Space program has two off-world colonies. Migration to these colonies…