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Black Technology

By John Titor II

Black Technology is that which is traded to the United States government and allies for concessions to airspace, and resources of the planet.  In most instances the extraterrestrials use the trading of black technology to seduce those receiving it.   

We have received technology on space craft, propulsion systems, navigational systems, and weapons systems.  Advanced testing of new technologies is conducted at various Air Force Bases, including Area 51/S4.  

Configuration of Tall White Space Craft as seen by Charles Hall at Creech Air Force Base.
The Tall Whites have received the greatest concessions from the United States of America and it's allies.  The Tall Whites over some fifty years have gained a designated space ports and positions within the military and government.  These extraterrestrials can pass for us (homo sapiens).

Creech Air Force Base
The United States of America has received technology that puts it decades ahead of any adversary on the planet.  Our grea…

Misinformation Campaign

By John Titor II
For some time there has been a misinformation campaign conducted against me.  I am the first one to say that no one should ever believe the printed word.  Fake information has become an industry of late.  He who controls the truth controls the people.
I write almost everyday trying to bring facts to the world that no one else really dares talk about.  My method is simple to explain or describe, provide pictures, and cite sources.  Sometimes the sources are saying the same thing I am but are the most credible I can find.
I have been attacked by an ex-partner Jason Quit who likes to tell people he is a time traveler and he uses his mind to do it.  He is also a sociopath, thief, and forger.  It was all about having excuses for not paying me royalties.  
He has lied and slandered me.  He tells people he's going to sue me and he can't, in a court of law he would have to explain documents he forged.  One is an FBI document he created with photoshop.   Jason Quitt a…

Cyborg's a Hot Commodity

By John Titor II

If you're an extraterrestrial species in need of a military force and need one quickly the answer is quite simple use Cyborg's.  Cyborg's are created with a humanoid then enhanced bio-mechanically.   The definition of a Cyborg is an organism, often a human, that has certain psychological processes enhanced or controlled by mechanical or electronic devices, that are integrated with the nervous system.  The Cyborg works with other Cyborgs collectively to achieve military goals.  It is the collective thinking together to achieve a goal that makes them very desirable.  They are without fear and will follow orders even if it means death.

Of the 4,432,880 people that have gone missing from planet Earth in the last twenty years.  It is postulated that some humans were taken and adapted to be Cyborg's.  The United States Military currently has become very interested in Cyborg's for military use.  Cyborg's can be created even faster than clones.  They are…

Alien Abductions

By John Titor II

Extraterrestrials have been coming to this planet for hundreds of thousands of years.  For extraterrestrials just to be able to come and go from this planet demonstrates they come from an advanced civilization that is more than capable of traveling through the Milky Way galaxy and others in the Universe.  They have the ability to travel at speeds greater than the speed of light, and are able to travel in time.  

In understanding extraterrestrials it is important to understand the Kardashev scale.  It is more than possible that among the eighty-six known species of extraterrestrials in this galaxy these species are on different levels of the Kardashev scale.  While the civilization on Earth is rated at a level zero the lowest rating.  The Anunnaki who are credited with creating our species are at a level five.  I suspect that the Tall Whites are at a level six on the scale.  Grey aliens are at a level four and Reptilians are at a level three.…

Extraterrestrials: The Tall Whites

By John Titor II

In 1946 Admiral Richard E. Byrd led a task force to Antarctica.  Two months into a six month mission he was forced to withdraw.  This was not a scientific mission for the US Navy it was a military mission.  The Task force was attacked by UFO's that could come out of the water and dive back into it.  There was a loss of ships, aircraft, and military personnel.  In Washington DC a congressional investigation was conducted.  The best documentation of this mission was created by the Russians with english subtitles.


In 1952 Operation Mainbrace yeilded sightings and photographs of UFO's and USO's.  Military personnel saw these anomalies as well as then General Eisenhower.  In the years afterwards many wiitnesses came forward to tell the public what they had seen.


In 1952 there was a flight of UFO's that flew over Washington DC.  The US Air Force scrambled jets to inter…

Oceans are Poisoned!

By John Titor II
Oceans around the world contains fish and animal life that contain unhealthy levels of Mercury, PCB"S, Radiation, and Toxins.  All of these things are carcinogens and contribute to cancer in humans.  Why would anyone eat what fisheries around the world yield?  There must be a moratorium on fishing the oceans now!
Countries around the world depended on the fisheries and at the same time countries allowed the dumping of toxic waste and trash into the oceans.  We have been poor stewards of this planet.  The oceans were not inexhaustible.

Third world countries depend on local fisheries which are not safe for consumption.  The fishing industry continues to catch and sell fish from the ocean that is not safe to eat.  The long term effects of this will yield cancer and other diseases in higher numbers.  Which will lead to higher health care costs for everyone.  Some long term effects are yet to be determined.…

Formal Complaint Michael L. Vara (LNM Radio Network)

Federal Communications Commission
445 12th Street SW
Washington, DC 20554 Phone: 1-888-225-5322 Fax: 1-866-418-0232
Formal complaint: Michael Vara Late Night in the Midlands Radio Network Columbia, South Carolina
Michael Vara is a radio show host on the Late Night in the Midlands Radio Network.  He is a friend and associate of Jason Quitt.  Jason Quitt is an ex-partner of mine that defrauded me.  Jason Quitt refused to pay royalties on a book I wrote “Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II.”  Jason Quitt was confronted by me when it was more than evident that he was selling the book all over the world and pocketing the money for himself.  Upon confronting him he enlisted associates to attack me on radio and on YouTube.
Michael Vara contacted me and had me on his show for five minutes.  Jason Quitt was on the telephone listening in.  The objective was to intimidate me and to abandon my rights to the book I had written.  After I hung up the phone there were several invited guests who t…