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Extraterrestrial Bases on Planet Earth

By John Titor II

There are Extraterrestrial bases on this planet.  In the United States of America we know some are incorporated into military bases by agreement.  However, there are other bases that are not on military reservations.

Extraterrestrial bases that are clandestine do not show up on radar, infrared. or heat signature.  We are dealing with an intelligence that is light years ahead of mankind.  Mankind on the Kardashev scale is at a level 0.  The Extraterrestrials may be at level 7 or more.

I believe that the extraterrestrials have controlled mankind's destiny for tens of thousands of years.  The resource that makes Earth attractive to extraterrestrials is mankind itself.  I have reviewed reports of contact and abductions by extraterrestrials.  And I have read reports of extraterrestrials eating humans.  

In the last twenty years 4,432,808 people have gone missing.  Read "Missing 411" by David…

The Scientific Method

By John Titor II

There seem to be hundreds of writers that write nonsense about extraterrestrials, UFOs, USOs, and the paranormal.  It's time to examine what they are doing or not not doing.  Some of these writers just invent things that tens of thousands believe blindly.  It's all about money of course.  Some ninety-five percent of what they say is just drivel (non-sense).

Some writers like Erik Von Daniken or Zacharia Sitchin represent a combination of field work and research.  They present opinions also, but are based on their findings.  These two authors represent what has been written in an easy to understand format.  

The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.Wikipedia

We are entering a time where fiction and non-fiction need to be separated and not misinterpreted.  We…

Extraterrestrials, UFOs, USOs, Secret Space Program, Time Travel Just the Facts!

By John Titor II

Fact:  So many people are writing books on extraterrestrials, UFOs, USOs, Secret Space Program, and Time Travel in an effort just to make money.  Some others are very personable and have thousands of followers that believe everything they say.  Revenue from all this is in the millions of dollars.  Problem is there is little factual truth in any of it.

However, there are some that have written books that were factual like Erik Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin.  These authors wrote books based on careful research and field work.  At the low end of the spectrum I would put books written by Jason Quitt a sociopath and criminal.  Jason plagiarizes other peoples work.  Jason Quitt Doesn't understand the "scientific method."

Fact:  Extraterrestrials do exist.  As a matter of fact the "Tall Whites" actually control the United States of America, and other NATO Countries.  Both Russia and Iran know this fact also.  In engaging in a war against the United St…

The Need for Firearms

Guns save lives!  People kill people!  Do not remove the ability to defend ourselves.  Only those that aren't suppose to have guns will have them!

By John Titor II

The young man on the left was not at school the day of the shooting at Parkland High School.  Yet he has spoken to the national media and said he was!

Currently the United States is a protectorate of the Tall White extraterrestrials.  They control NATO countries and most of the free world.  The only thing keeping us from subjugation by the extraterrestrials is the Second Amendment.  Edward Snowden who leaked information on extraterrestrials knew this.  He risked being prosecuted as a traitor to release this information.

I al…

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Photograph taken from the ISS (International Space Station)
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The Moon is not what you think!

By John Titor II
The Moon is not what you think!  There are many things about the Moon that doesn't make sense.  I have said for a long time that we live in an engineered solar system, on an engineered planet called Earth.  Our moon circles our planet perfectly.  The moon's placement was engineered by a species of extraterrestrials seeking to create life on Earth that would evolve much as it has with some exceptions.
The exceptions are that mankind as a species was created by extraterrestrials.  These extraterrestrials known as the Anunnaki colonized the Earth, Mars, and possibly Venus.  They did not create the satellite known as the Moon or place it there this species was superior to the Anunnaki. 
Some other extraterrestrial species placed the Moon where it is as part of what I believe to be an ecological experiment at creating life and watching it evolve.  The Anunnaki interfered with the exp…

Proof of Life on the Moon!

By John Titor II
Proof of life on the Moon, in the video clip below you will see real UFOs, structures, and atmosphere on the Moon.  Our government has kept this secret for a very long time.  Independent civilian astronomers have captured proof!  This is not a hoax!
I urge every man and woman on the planet to watch this video clip!  You will see UFOs flying over the face of the Moon.  The Moon has an atmosphere!  Structures that have been deliberately hidden from mankind are visible.
This video clip will be called a hoax by professional debunkers working with governments.  Do not expect NASA (Never A Straight Answer) to say anything.  This video clip will be scrubbed off the Internet very soon!

My books are available on Amazon, and Ebay.  Best pricing is on Ebay.  Your purchases allow me to continue research and publishing.

Authorized: Chronicles of John Titor II

Continued: Chronicles of John Titor II
Books are s…

Civilization Wiped Out and Restarted

By John Titor II
Mankind as a civilization on this planet has not been one of continuous forward progress.  Based on available archaeological evidence it appears that mankind was able to cut and move stones weighing hundreds of tons.   The stones were lifted using levitation some forty thousand years ago.  This was a world wide civilization.
Stones weighing hundreds of tons were used in Pre-Incan civilizations in South America, ancient Egyptian sites like the Osirion, Serapeum of Saqqara, Giza Pyramids, the Temple of Jupiter, and Roman Heliopolis in Baalbek, Lebanon bear this out.  The Pyramids of Bosnia are real and dated by plant material between stones to be approximately 36,000 thousand years old.  Older than the Giza Pyramids.
I believe that a catstrophic event destroyed what had been built.  When we look at Puma Punku in Tiwanaku, Bolivia we see the s…

Jason Quitt Criminal Complaint

Jason Quitt (Canadian Citizenship) 6.12.2017

Federal Bureau of Investigation 11000 Wilshire Blvd #1700, Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 477-6565

Criminal Complaint Against Jason Quitt Website ( 416.996.3021 203 Golden Meadows Road Barrie, Ontario Canada L4N9R4
I am the owner of John Titor II LLC a Nevada corporation.  In July of 2016 I was approached by Bob Mitchell and Jason Quit to write a book about the exploits of John Titor II.  Bob Mitchell was to edit the text, Jason Quitt was to create art work.
Unfortunately, their intent was to defraud me from the beginning.  Bob Mitchell and Jason Quitt sold publishing rights to the German publisher AMRA Verlag & Records.  They forged my name on a contract.  All three partners were to share equally in royalties.  Amra Verlag & Records sold the book in German.This book was not taken down after requests to Michael Nagula.
However, Jason Quitt who was to disperse funds only paid me a small portion of royalties.  Jason Qui…