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Extraterrestrial Bases on Planet Earth

By John Titor II

There are Extraterrestrial bases on this planet.  In the United States of America we know some are incorporated into military bases by agreement.  However, there are other bases that are not on military reservations.

Extraterrestrial bases that are clandestine do not show up on radar, infrared. or heat signature.  We are dealing with an intelligence that is light years ahead of mankind.  Mankind on the Kardashev scale is at a level 0.  The Extraterrestrials may be at level 7 or more.

I believe that the extraterrestrials have controlled mankind's destiny for tens of thousands of years.  The resource that makes Earth attractive to extraterrestrials is mankind itself.  I have reviewed reports of contact and abductions by extraterrestrials.  And I have read reports of extraterrestrials eating humans.  

In the last twenty years 4,432,808 people have gone missing.  Read "Missing 411" by David…

The Scientific Method

By John Titor II

There seem to be hundreds of writers that write nonsense about extraterrestrials, UFOs, USOs, and the paranormal.  It's time to examine what they are doing or not not doing.  Some of these writers just invent things that tens of thousands believe blindly.  It's all about money of course.  Some ninety-five percent of what they say is just drivel (non-sense).

Some writers like Erik Von Daniken or Zacharia Sitchin represent a combination of field work and research.  They present opinions also, but are based on their findings.  These two authors represent what has been written in an easy to understand format.  

The scientific method is a body of techniques for investigating phenomena, acquiring new knowledge, or correcting and integrating previous knowledge.Wikipedia

We are entering a time where fiction and non-fiction need to be separated and not misinterpreted.  We…

Extraterrestrials, UFOs, USOs, Secret Space Program, Time Travel Just the Facts!

By John Titor II

Fact:  So many people are writing books on extraterrestrials, UFOs, USOs, Secret Space Program, and Time Travel in an effort just to make money.  Some others are very personable and have thousands of followers that believe everything they say.  Revenue from all this is in the millions of dollars.  Problem is there is little factual truth in any of it.

However, there are some that have written books that were factual like Erik Von Daniken and Zecharia Sitchin.  These authors wrote books based on careful research and field work.  At the low end of the spectrum I would put books written by Jason Quitt a sociopath and criminal.  Jason plagiarizes other peoples work.  Jason Quitt Doesn't understand the "scientific method."

Fact:  Extraterrestrials do exist.  As a matter of fact the "Tall Whites" actually control the United States of America, and other NATO Countries.  Both Russia and Iran know this fact also.  In engaging in a war against the United St…

FBI Document Forged by Jason Quitt

March 26, 2018

The following is a document forged by Jason Quitt with the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation logo on it.  (Visible in lower right hand corner) He is the issuing authority on this document and he actually signs his name.  This is his excuse for not paying royalties to John Titor II due him for the book published as "Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II."

Jason Quitt has used this document to defraud, lie, and slander.  He has participated along with associates in threats, and intimidation.  Jason Quitt and associates try to control the UFO, Extraterrestrial, Experiencer, and Paranormal community for personal gain.  Jason Quitt is a Canadian citizen and has to enter the United States for prosecution of this matter.

This document is redacted to protect personal information of John Titor II.  

Life on the Moon

By John Titor II
March 25, 2016 ·  Life on the Moon Man has always looked at the moon and wondered about it. When the United States of America was in a Space Race with the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) it was the goal of both countries to land on the Moon first. This was known as the space race. The United States of America did reach the Moon before the USSR. When we did set foot on the Moon we were not alone. Extraterrestrials had been there long before us. NASA (Never A Straight Answer) has collected video and photographs of UFO’s (Unidentified Flying Objects). Photographs are routinely airbrushed to loose details. Videos become lost. All of the astronauts that have gone on missions into space have seen UFO’s and reported it. Astronaut Story Musgrave reported seeing an extraterrestrial and reviewing mission objectives with them while on a shuttle mission. Astronaut Gordon Cooper saw a UFO land at Edwards Air Force Base. He watched it land and take off. Video was sent to …

The Need for Firearms

Guns save lives!  People kill people!  Do not remove the ability to defend ourselves.  Only those that aren't suppose to have guns will have them!

By John Titor II

The young man on the left was not at school the day of the shooting at Parkland High School.  Yet he has spoken to the national media and said he was!

Currently the United States is a protectorate of the Tall White extraterrestrials.  They control NATO countries and most of the free world.  The only thing keeping us from subjugation by the extraterrestrials is the Second Amendment.  Edward Snowden who leaked information on extraterrestrials knew this.  He risked being prosecuted as a traitor to release this information.

I al…

Jason Quitt : Thief, Criminal, and Sociopath

By John Titor II
Below are four listing for books I have written.  The first two are legitimate listings.  These books are sold for $19.99 on Ebay, Amazon, and my website
The second two listings are Jason Quitt's attempt to sell something that he has no right to sell new.  He sells Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II for $250.00, the German version for 21.99 and Hardcover for $48.73.
Jason Quitt is a failed writer and resorts to stealing the work of others. While stealing my work and profiting from it he makes up excuses that empower him to do so.
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