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Jason Quitt: Clinical Profile

Recent photo of Jason Quitt aka Jason Lords aka Alex!
Jason Quitt first and foremost is a sociopath. "MedlinePlus defines antisocial personality disorder—often referred to as sociopathy or psychopathy in popular culture—as “a mental condition in which a person has a long-term pattern of manipulating, exploiting, or violating the rights of others.”
It may be challenging to immediately identify this disorder in someone, however, as these individuals are capable of masking their hurtful behaviors with wit and charm in social situations and personal relationships. With that in mind, the following are the six most common indicators of the condition to be aware of." 1. Manipulate Other People’s Emotions In addition to being witty and charming individuals, those with antisocial personality disorder may shower others in flattery. This is done intentionally to manipulate others’ emotions for personal gain or pleasure, another symptom of the condition. As a result of these behaviors, people…

The Governments Crimes Against the People!

By John Titor II  
When a government conceals information from the people it is supposed to be protecting and that by doing so puts the people at risk.  This concealment of facts is a crime.     
Fact:  The government has deliberately concealed the fact that extraterrestrials exist and visit this planet.  They have been visiting the planet for tens of thousands of years.
Fact:  The government knows that extraterrestrials routinely abduct and experiment on people of this planet.  In the last twenty years some 4,432,808 people have gone missing.
Fact:  The government has failed to protect and defend the country and the planet from extraterrestrials.  Extraterrestrials whose intentions remain to be known at this time.
Fact:  Ex…

Dr. Michio Kaku renowned physicist white paper on a time machine

Dr. Michio Kaku

Over a decade ago I read a white paper on the internet about a time travel machine designed by Dr. Michio Kaku. The machine requires a tremendous amount of power and utilizes quantum theory and mechanics. Dr. Michio Kaku gets his paycheck in the form of grant money from the US Government. He's not going to reveal anything to the public they don't want him too.

I failed to save a copy of this white paper to cloud storage or even a backup drive. I have regretted this ever since. However, I was given the opportunity of actually seeing the machine, yes it exists. Let this be a lesson to everyone. The Internet is routinely scrubbed of what the government thinks should not be on it.

The CIA says that they have some sixty personnel that have actually done time travel. The purpose of using such a machine would be the preservation of mankind and preserving the time line.

Typically assignments are to observe and report with no interference as to outcome.  However, i…

Threats and attacks by Jason Quitt

Recent photograph of Jason Quitt
As a justification for his criminal actions Jason Quitt has used information on a set of circumstances that are untrue or exaggerations that are decades old and of a personal nature.   I want to make it clear that I have never been convicted of any crime in the United States of America.  That Jason Quitt has used information about me from less than credible sources.  All in an effort to justify his criminal actions.

He has told people that he is going to sue me.  I really would look forward to hearing from anyone representing him.  At this time I have never heard from any attorney or barrister representing him.  I originally signed a contract with him in the State of California, in the United States of America.  Civil proceedings will have to occur in the State of California.

Criminal proceedings against him can be conducted in three different jurisdictions, the United States of America, Germany, and Canada.  Complaints have been made with appropriate law…

Beware Internet Trolls

By John Titor II

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that Internet Trolls abound on the Internet.  These people are the one's typically that like to bully other children on the playground.  As a adults they use the knowledge they have gained on how to use the Internet for their own ends.

The ends are to defraud people and make money at it.  Millions are lost everyday to those that get phone calls from people pretending to be from the IRS.  The other scam involves the victim in claiming millions left in a bank they will share with you.  They just want you to share some expenses involved in claiming the money.

I was burned by a very proficient and slick Internet Troll named Jason Quitt.  He tells people that he is a shaman and healer.  He conducts healing sessions over the telephone.  He tells people that he picked out his parents and travels in time using his mind.  He also does dowsing and sells rocks and crystals,  He has authored some books with Bob Mitchell, now deceased.  


Picture this!

By John Titor II

It is known that thousands of years ago indigenous populations of early Americans had contact with extraterrestrials.  This fact has been kept hidden away from the worlds population.  How many times were populations herded on to waiting space craft waiting at the top?  

What if what archaeologists thought were just sacrificial alters were nothing more than a quick repast after or before a long journey.  It has been reported that Reptilians are flesh eaters.  In modern times reports have been made to the US Department of Forestry of Reptilians eating humans.

Certainly any extraterrestrial species that is capable of space travel has superior weapons to our firearms.  However, when you're being herded on to space craft to be taken away, firearms of any kind may be the only option.  Humans turned into cyborgs are a valued commodity in this galaxy.

The extraterrestrials use mankind (homo sapiens) as a resource.  Abducte…

Email From Michael Nagula AMRA Verlag & Records

Internet Scammer

Michael Nagula
By John Titor II

Some Two years ago I contacted Michael Nagula of AMRA Verlag & Records regarding my name being forged on a contract by Jason Quitt.  Michael Nagula told me to talk to Jason Quitt about it.  He said Jason would receive all royalties.  I have not spoken to Michael Nagula since that conversation.  Michael Nagula publishes the book I wrote in German.  This is a best seller in Europe.

Michael Nagula publishes the book I wrote in German.  I recently received an email from Michael Nagula;

Dear Jay, Jason and John,

Enclosed please find the royalty statement for the second half of 2017.
The release date of the book was June 13, 2017.

Please advise us with the actual banking account - where we have to send the royalties to,
so you can forward the agreed fee to John Titor resp. split it as you have clarified among themselves.

And also please each one of you give us…