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Continued: Chronicles of John Titor II Available Now!

Continued: Chronicles of John Titor II
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Revisions to Time Line

By John Titor II

The "Time Line" our history from the time a being walked upright on this planet continually changes.  The changes are not always detected.  Sometimes it's as simple as the removal of a video clip from "You Tube" the excuse is copyright infringement.  Sometimes there is nothing even said about the removal from the Internet all together.  These are harder to detect.

Over almost two decades ago I read the white paper written by Dr. Michio Kaku on his design for a stand alone time machine.  This document was more valuable than I ever imagined.  I read a hard copy I printed out.  Then I saw the machine the government built.  I was given a demonstration of it's capabilities, it worked.  These days I save everything like this document to a hard drive that is not connected to the Internet.  The white paper written by Dr. Michio Kaku is nowhere to be found!

Dr. Michio Kaku

When time travel first was used it was for the most part an observe and report ta…

US Government Applies for TR-3B Patent

John Titor II

TR-3B patent has been applied for by the United States government.  The reason is simple, the hope is to keep the air frame itself from proliferating.  Their is good reason to limit the use of this spacecraft.  The spacecraft can fly at speeds greater than the speed of light.  Also anything that can fly that fast can travel through time.  Below is the link to the patent application to the US patent office.