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How I Write

By John Titor II

My formula for writing meets the demands of my readers.  I use photographs and artwork, photographs are screened carefully.  I like to give credit for photographs when I can.  Many times the photograph or artwork is in the public domain.  

Then I write verbiage or paragraphs about the point I'm trying to make.  I am trying to substantiate the information presented on the best available data.  Then I cite sources, sources are carefully screened.  I collect data from scientific sources that may or may not be affiliated with the government.  Trusted sources are Erik Von Daniken, Zacharia Sitchin, and Brian Foerster.     

It is well known that some government agencies have a policy of not telling the truth ever.  Case in point NASA which should stand for (Never A Straight Answer), they spend millions concealing data from the public and retouching or air brushing out details.  This is all part of an agenda that is enforced for the benefit of extraterrestrials.

Lastly I go …

The Reason for Mankind's Existence

By John Titor II

Of all the knowledge that I have this is the most important that I have to share.  Many who read this will choose not to believe.  I will be ridiculed by some for releasing this information.  I am old now and feel that this must be said before my departure.

The first thing to understand in the Kardashev Scale.  Of all the species that are like mankind we are at level zero, the lowest rating.  There are seven levels, including zero.  The levels are zero through six, at level six we are looking at something equivalent to supreme beings.

We live in an engineered solar system on an engineered planet.  The moon is a satellite of the Earth and has a nearly perfect orbit around the Earth.  The Moon is known to be hollow by NASA (Never A Straight Answer).  The Moon is inhabited.  Space craft have been photographed for some time with the telescopes and cameras that are commercially available now.  The Moon is an…

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Internet Trolls

By John Titor II

If you have been victimized by an Internet Troll you know how devastating it can be. I have had experience with the worst. Someone who lives off victimizing people on the Internet. Don't let it happen to you. If you have already been victimized feel free to post about it here.

Victimized by Jason Quitt

Internet Scammer

Recent Photograph Jason Quitt (Canadian Citizen)

By John Titor II

Complaint on file with FBI, RCMP, and Interpol.  First and foremost Jason Quitt is a sociopath.  He will befriend you, then when it suits him he will betray you when he’s got his hands on your money.  He’s also quite the ladies man, he is married.  However, Jason likes to get close to women at UFO and Paranormal conferences and take advantage of them.   He will also do the same with men and in that respect he is without a doubt an equal opportunity player.

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I was contacted in June of 2016 by Jason Quitt and Bob Mitchell.  At the time I only published articles in periodicals.   Most of what I published was about the environment and th…