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Jason Quitt Accident Hoax

By John Titor

Recent photograph Jason Quitt aka Jason Lords (Canadian)
Recently I discovered that Bill Ryan of The Avalon Project and Forum was raising money for Jason Quitt aka Jason Lords.  Jason Quitt is a sociopath and criminal.  I would doubt anything Jason Quitt says ever.  One of his biggest issues is lying.  He's a very convincing liar.  One week he's descended from the Pharaohs the next from Giants.  Jason Quitt tells people he picked out his parents.  He spins stories for the audience when speaking, there's no truth in any of it.

He's told people he's suing me.  I would love to get him in a court of law and have a judge see the FBI document he forged.  He's just the garden variety Internet Troll.  Tragically he's not the worst.   Too many people get fleeced by people like Jason Quitt.  He thinks it's funny and that he's entitled to do it.  Jason Quitt is less than human, devoid of honor and ethics.

I turned him into law enforcement for forging…

Payment Received From AMRA VERLAG & Records

By John Titor II

Some two years ago I completed a book titled "Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II."  I had partnered with Jason Quitt AKA Jason Lords, AKA Alex, and now deceased Bob Mitchell.  Jason Quitt sold the manuscript to AMRA VERLAG & Records without my knowledge.  

Michael Nagula is the Editor and Publisher of AMRA VERLAG & Records.  Jason Quitt photo shopped my signature from the partnership agreement I signed with him and Bob Mitchell.  I have communicated this fact to Michael Nagula several times.  He stated, "You have to talk to Jason Quitt."  Recently Michael Nagula actually paid me much to my surprise.  I believe I may have received a third of monies earned on a contract I never signed.

Recent photograph Michael Nagula
Interestingly Michael Nagula wanted to know my banking information so an electronic deposit could be made.  The account number given is my business account with tens of thousands of dollars in it.  However, he didn't get the…

Peoples Republic of China Issuing Laser Rifles to its Army

By John Titor II

The Peoples Republic of China is about to issue Laser rifles to its Army.  These weapons have an effective range of a thousand yards.  When hit with a pulse it will crystallize skin muscle and bone.  Effectively killing all tissues and organs in proximity to the area hit.

This pretty much makes firearms irrelevant for armies.  These weapons have yet to make their way into terrorist hands.  It is only a matter of time before that happens.  This technology is easily duplicated.  Plans for these weapons will make their way onto the Internet as well. 

The dreaded AR-15 and the AK-47 are no match for these weapons.  This changes the balance of power all over the world.  These weapons in the hands of the North Korean Army would make them unstoppable in a conventional war.  The United States and its allies are no wh…