Jason Quitt Accident Hoax

By John Titor

Recent photograph Jason Quitt aka Jason Lords (Canadian)

Recently I discovered that Bill Ryan of The Avalon Project and Forum was raising money for Jason Quitt aka Jason Lords.  Jason Quitt is a sociopath and criminal.  I would doubt anything Jason Quitt says ever.  One of his biggest issues is lying.  He's a very convincing liar.  One week he's descended from the Pharaohs the next from Giants.  Jason Quitt tells people he picked out his parents.  He spins stories for the audience when speaking, there's no truth in any of it.

He's told people he's suing me.  I would love to get him in a court of law and have a judge see the FBI document he forged.  He's just the garden variety Internet Troll.  Tragically he's not the worst.   Too many people get fleeced by people like Jason Quitt.  He thinks it's funny and that he's entitled to do it.  Jason Quitt is less than human, devoid of honor and ethics.

I turned him into law enforcement for forging my name on a contract and forging an FBI document.  Those are just some of the laws he has broken.  Jason Quitt victimizes people on the Internet.  Jason Quitt has amassed a small fortune by victimizing people on the Internet.  He considers himself a god, ergo he can do no wrong.

Finally, if Jason Quitt fell down stairs and injured his back I can think of at least a dozen people that would like to push him.  I suspect that Jason's wife might be at the top of the list.  Collect money for poor injured Jason Quitt, you have got to be kidding!  You can sum up Jason Quitt aka Jason Lords in one word "Evil." 




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  1. They parasite off others work. That's why I stepped back some...in my own research...as far as sharing much

  2. Yes Internet Trolls are parasites. Some have made a fortune off other people Jason Quitt aka Jason Lords has amassed money and influence in the UFO, Extraterrestrial, and paranormal world.

  3. People like him make it very difficult for people like me to raise money for my movie.

    1. Jason Quitt looks at the rest of humanity as prey. Until he is apprehended and incarcerated he will continue to do so. The common denominator is the Internet. He uses multiple names and moves around to different countries. He believes himself to be above the law.


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