Jason Quitt Steals Manuscript!

By John Titor II

Some two years ago Jason Quitt aka Jason Lords used a forged signature to sell a manuscript to AMRA VERLAG & Records in Germany.   I originally partnered with him, and Bob Mitchell on a book titled "Disclosed: Chronicles of John Titor II."  In German it is titled "ENTH√úLLT! Die Missionen des John Titor II."  Originally Jason Quitt did some art work and editing with Bob Mitchell.  All of the text was created by me, and one section two years before I talked to either Jason Quitt or Bob Mitchell.

Recent photograph Jason Quitt

Recent photograph Michael Nagula


AMRA VERLAG & Records continues to sell the book on it's website with Jason Quitt given credit for being the author.  The picture over his name is of me.  My wife actually took that picture of me.  The book in paperback was successful enough to be produced in hardcover format.  Recently I was paid by AMRA VERLAG & Records.  I was paid pursuant to a contract I never signed or have seen?

Interestingly Michael Nagula wanted to know my banking information so an electronic deposit could be made.  The account number given is my business account with tens of thousands of dollars in it.  However, he didn't get the routing and bank account number.  What he got instead of the routing number was the swift code and account number.  This makes any wire transfer to the account a deposit only.  

This work is solely owned by me because of the criminal activity of Jason Quitt.  Jason Quitt's alias on Facebook is Jason Lords.  He openly bragged that he was not paying me my share of the royalties earned by the book in the United States of America.  Under California law the rights to the book or derivatives of it reverted to my sole property.

Reports have been made to the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation), RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), and Interpol.





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