Chaos and Civilization

By John Titor II

Mankind is in it's infancy.  In the scheme of things we have not been around very long.  I believe that mankind has started over a few times.  Mankind got to the point where it could destroy itself and put everything back to square one.  Carl Sagan once talked about the test of a species was if it could get past destroying itself.  Enlightenment about caring for one another needs to happen all over the planet.

Everyday we hear about political leaders that let blind ambition guide them into high office.  These leaders believed that they were above the law.  The people that ran against them in elections were as in the case of the recent Presidential elections no better.  No one has an accurate count of how many murders and homicides the Clinton's were responsible for (over a dozen confirmed).  Of course the "Deep State" in Washington DC wasn't interested in pursuing these incidents.  Washington DC is the cesspool of the United States of America.  Political office is about serving the people and not graft and corruption.

There has been an effort to clean up and sanitize information on Bill and Hillary Clinton on the Internet.  The powerful and the "Deep State" continue their efforts to manipulate the people.

Every news cast on network television is filled with murders, rapes, domestic violence, and genocide committed by governments on their own people.  Crime in all it forms spirals out of control.  It could be pointed out that some  of our leaders are guilty of crimes and go unpunished.  Man's inhumanity to man is growing.  I believe it's time to look at what's going on and say that there must be a better way.  Chaos is spiraling out of control.  We as a species must start teaching the young that violence is never the way and is abhorrent in all it's forms.  It is the young that learn violence and make it their way of life that feeds the spiraling chaos in the world.  At the same time honesty and ethics should be taught to school children.

Mankind must set higher standards for itself if we are to prevail as a  species.  We must evolve past these worst of our traits as a species.  


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