Open Letter to President Donald Trump

By John Titor II

Mr. President, the people of the United States of America voted for you and wanted you to be President.  The people are behind you make no mistake.  What the people expect and want now is for you to tell individuals that are part of the government that they are fired.  Now is the time to do this.  The people want the following people fired.  Here's the short list:

Jeff Sessions
Robert Mueller
Rod Rosenstein

At the same time criminal investigations need to be made on the following individuals:

Barack Obama
Loretta Lynch
Hillary Clinton
John Podesta
James Comey
Peter Strzok

The American people understand that some people in the government believe that they are above the law.  At the same time they want to see you removed as President.  This is not what the American people want.  The "Deep State" in Washington DC must not be allowed to selectively enforce laws to their own satisfaction.  The American people want it stopped and want it stopped now!

Thank you,

John Titor II

Sent to the President via email 8/26/2018

Here is the response I got!  Click on this jpeg file below.

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  1. Let the President know you support him and hist goals of making America great again. Please forward this letter to the President at


  2. The White House, Washington
    August 26, 2018

    I appreciate you taking the time to send me an email. The American economy is booming, and we are currently experiencing the longest running bull market in our Nation’s history.

    As President, I am making good on my promise to deliver a pro-growth economic agenda that unleashes the full potential of the American economy. The results are clear—America is back and open for business.

    As the market continues to soar, American workers are finding more job opportunities and consumer confidence is high. Since November of 2016, we have added 3.7 million jobs to our economy. The unemployment rate has matched its lowest level in 50 years. And for Hispanic Americans, it has reached the lowest level in recorded history at 4.5 percent. Moreover, the National Federation of Independent Business is reporting record levels of optimism, and the Consumer Confidence Index recently reached its highest level in 17 years.

    Thank you again for taking the time to write. Together, we will continue to build a more prosperous future for our country.


    Donald Trump

    If you wish to receive regular email updates from the White House, please Click Here. You may also follow President Trump and the White House on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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    1. We The People will keep America great..
      And uphold the Constitution .. And as A Veteran, and true blood Patriot thus I will defend. .And the office of The President..

    2. This is the time for all Americans to stand up and be counted. We must support the President and the Constitution of the United States of America. Failing to do so will only enable the "Deep State" in Washington DC to trample on our laws and freedom.

      They are going to try to use the Mid-term elections to erase the 2016 Presidential election. Please contact the President and let him know you support him at


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