Review Documentary "Time Travel 0"

By John Titor II

This is the worst film I have ever seen.  The attempt here is to try to cash in on "John Titor."  Many producers and film companies have approached me.  They wanted the movie rights.  They didn't want to pay and I suspect someone thought they could just make a film.  Directed by Scott Norwood.  You can rent or buy this film for only 99 cents.  It's a waste of money at that price.


Art Bell and Oliver Williams made up John Titor in the year 2000.  Art Bell is now deceased of an overdose.  The posts were outrageous and none were ever close to reality.  Larry Haber was behind the book "John Titor A Time Traveler's Tale."  Larry Haber controlled the John Titor Foundation Inc..

I began posting about ten years ago because I was hearing the name John Titor used and didn't like what they were doing with it.  I posted on Facebook and still do.  People all over the world read my blog and books.

Jason Quitt AKA Jason Lords and Bob Mitchell approached me and asked me to do a book with them.  I provided the text, Bob Mitchell would edit, and Jason Quitt would do art work.

Jason Quitt AKA Jason Lords tells everyone he wrote the book now and uses my photo over his name for the german version ENTH√úLLT! Die Missionen des John Titor II: [ein Whistleblower berichtet] (German Edition).  The book went to hardcover also in Germany.  The publisher Michael Nagula paid me on a contract I never signed or have seen.  Jason Quitt has complaints against him with FBI, RCMP, and Interpol.

I sell two books that bear my autograph and business card in them.  The first is "Authorized: Chronicles of John Titor II" and the second is "Continued: Chronicles of John Titor II."

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  1. Let them pay you even though you were robbed John. Free publicity. (comment by Lorris Hemlof)

    1. Michael Nagula paid me so I could only litigate against him. Retaining german attorneys is expensive. I am interviewing them now.


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