Subversion and Distortion of the Truth

By John Titor II

It's time for me to say this to everyone doing research on UFOs, Extraterrestrials, and the Paranormal.  Lets not forget Bigfoot in all of this either.  There are a  lot of good people trying to do accurate research and trying to get the information they have disseminated.  Problem is that the information and those individuals who are credible are attacked.

Subversion of information occurs on different levels.  The Smithsonian Institute is part of the Federal government of the United States of America.  They have been receiving specimens and collecting them of giants and extraterrestrials almost from the very beginning of starting up.  This information has consistently been withheld from the public.

I believe that the Vatican and the Catholic Church also have information that they have consistently withheld  from the public.  Why else would the Vatican library be off limits to researchers looking for answers long sought and usually said to be fantasy or myth.

President George Herbert Walker Bush when asked about extraterrestrials said, "You can't handle the truth."  Fact of the matter is that if mankind is to evolve we need to understand where we fit in the universe.

After Donald Trump was elected and inaugurated he was given the Presidential book of secrets to review.  In it he received information on extraterrestrials.  He also got information on our agreements with them.  Part of our agreement stipulates that we never confirm their existence.  We stipulated to give them unfettered access to our air space.  They were also given designated areas for space ports.  It is of course a violation of the agreement to reveal details or it's existence.  There is in the agreements a stipulation to support the United States of America and it's allies in the event of a nuclear war.  The first agreement was signed by President Dwight D. Eisenhower.  The United States of America and it's allies are protectorates of the extraterrestrials known as the "Tall Whites."

Extraterrestrials farm mankind or homo sapiens, We are used for food, slaves, and cyborgs. Misinformation about this serves them. It's all part of the conspiracy to with hold the truth.

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