The "Deep State" Menace

By John Titor II

America's Constitution and Laws are trampled on by a select few.  They roam the halls of power in Washington DC.  These individuals have names like George Soros, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and they are part of the rich and connected people that try to impose their will on the people.  This represents the rich one percent of this world.  It is part of an elitist view that the little people of this world cannot be allowed to make decisions democratically.  They expect that a little trampling on the Constitution and our laws should be tolerated.  This is perpetuated by a system of favors and rewards for those on the inside of the "Deep State."   

These elitists agenda is pretty simple.  They only care about themselves and their financial goals.  In the case of the Multi Billionaire George Soros he gives away millions to impose his personal agenda on the people of this World.

He funded protesters during the 2016 Presidential elections.  He roams the world funding groups that are front organizations for terrorists.

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